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Hi, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself. My name is vanishinemily on livejournal; I was dx'ed with BPD by a psychiatrist at my city's State Mental Health Center about a year and a half ago. I went through about a year of DBT at the MHC. I had both good and bad experiences with it, but ultimately ended up leaving the facility because the therapy was making me worse. (I'm the kind of person who, when I focus on being mentally ill, I get more mentally ill, to the point where I end up trying to kill myself because I'm so overwhelmed with the chaos in my life that I've created by, literally, "trying" to be disordered and end up ip.) I've been doing much, much better since I left therapy. However, I still wouldn't trade what I learned in DBT for anything in the world. Despite all the trouble it caused me, and the single-mindedness and biasedness of the therapists of trained me, it is still some of the most valuable information I have ever learned.

I have created this community because there are BPD patients out there, like me, who are not benefiting from DBT because of either the way their therapists are teaching it or because of their therapists themselves. Some of these patients not only do not benefit, but are rather harmed by their therapists' malevolent instruction. (I know malevolent is a strong term and conveys an implication of malice, but in this case the strength is needed to convey the severity of BPD patients' suffering at the fault of their therapist(s), whether or not malice has existed in any particular unique case.)

Please know that, while I do agree that DBT is the most effective form of treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder, I understand that, as with all forms of treatment, it is not the most effective form in all cases. While I do support DBT as a method of treatment for BPD, I do not believe in forcing any patient to participate in DBT treatment against their will, and I believe that the decision to use DBT as a method of treatment should be made conjointly by the patient with the support of the medical professional (and family, if some exist), NOT the other way around. My physician and therapists attempted to force me into DBT when I wasn't able to do it, which is why I ended up leaving the Mental Health Center; and now I am a healthier person because of it. So please know that if you suffer from BPD and have never been or used to be a patient of DBT, I won't try to coerce you to enter into or return to DBT; my community is just for constructive criticism of the method of instruction, and I want your voices to be heard.
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